Visual acuity testing made easy
OdySight Care is a clinically validated mobile application that allows users to test their visual acuity
With OdySight Care, patients can test their visual acuity autonomously and remotely between visits for a clinical trial. The investigator accesses additional valuable data to contextualize the data collected during the visits and strengthen his data set.

Visual acuity assessment is an efficacy measurement in most retinal diseases trials, and also a safety measurement in FOTE (front of the eye) trials, along with trials in neurology (i.e multiple sclerosis) and oncology.
OdySight Care™ is based on a patented technology with a face detection module that allows the app to control the test conditions and thus ensure results comparable to those obtained in a center*.

Over 150,000 visual tests have been performed with this technology by more than 3,000 patients**.
A home-testing app for visual acuity: the case of clinical trials
*Brucker et al, 2019

** Internal Tilak Healthcare Data on OdySight® (OdySight is a medical device based on the same patented technology). More information available here:
Visual acuity testing can also be applied to every area in need for punctual vision checks, such as residents home, health insurances, labor medicine.
Leverage an existing platform specialized in retinal diseases
The advantages of OdySight Care™
More medical data for a closer vision follow-up
An optimized experience for better patient compliance
Compatible with iOS and Android devices
Interested in using OdySight Care™ for one of your studies?

OdySight Care is a Class I medical device developed by Tilak Healthcare, a company specializing in the creation of medical and entertainment mobile applications.

Tilak Healthcare was co-founded in 2016 by Pr. José-Alain Sahel, Dr. Jean-François Girmens, Emmanuel Gutman, and Edouard Gasser. More info here.

OdySight Care™ is a mobile app intended to be used as a testing tool for near visual acuity. Test results are stored locally, directly accessible to the user, and can be transferred by the user once the tests are completed. OdySight Care does not interpret the tests results and is not intended to diagnose, but rather to help patients determine if they need to consult a physician for proper diagnosis and treatment.

OdySight Care is indicated for adult patients aged 18 and over.
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This medical device is a regulated health product that bears the CE mark. Before using it, we advise reading the User Guide carefully and to discuss it with your ophthalmologist.
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